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Enabling the African Internet of Things. Introducing Africa's largest Low-Power WAN - Comsol IoT Connect. Click here for more info.
SA's first national Layer 2 open access network
Enabling the African Internet of Things. Introducing Africa's largest Low Power WAN, helping the continent's devices to connect. Without limits.
Comsol Fibre Connect offers the first end-to end multi-megabit per second national network that is completely Layer 2 open access. It combines the best of fibre and licenced wireless into one reliable, flexible access solution.
Why choose Comsol?
Open access
Our network is completely Layer 2 and open access, enabling major Telcos, Carriers and Service Providers service delivery, without limits.
National coverage
Reaching over 200 metropolitan areas and towns*, and extending further where needed, Comsol's open access network offers no limits to where you can connect.
Fibre + wireless
By combining the best of fibre and licenced wireless into a single solution, Comsol is able to offer assured access with the flexibility you need to connect.
Rapid deployment
No more waiting. Our 6-day turnaround time means you can be connected faster than ever before, no matter where you are.
Service guarantee
A single Service Level Agreement (SLA) that offers the assurance of fibre with the agility of wireless in one simple solution, no matter how you connect.
Our solutions are dedicated and fully duplexed, so you can enjoy the benefit of guaranteed service quality over a connection that is 100% committed for your exclusive use.
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