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Connecting South Africa for Nearly 30 Years: Your Leading Fixed Wireless Access Provider for Cloud Connectivity and Private Networks.

Get ready to revolutionise the way you do business. We're the fastest, most reliable network out there. Whether you're in the bustling heart of Johannesburg or the quietest corner of the Western Cape, we can connect your business to the world like never before - and in record time, too! The only alternate to fibre connectivity that offers total redundancy to existing connections. Don't believe us? Put us to the test by giving us a call at (010) 140-8800 or shooting us an email at
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Why choose Comsol?
Business focussed
Comsol's network and services have been built specifically with businesses in mind. As our customer, you will never have to worry about your service being an offshoot of a consumer product. We understand the connectivity requirements of businesses and will ensure that yours gets the best.
Power protected
Comsol's network delivers uninterrupted service to its customers guaranteed by our SLAs, even during load shedding. Our network has been power resilient since its inception and we continue to ensure that power is a priority. We also have redundancies across all our network vendors, ensuring our customers connectivity remains live even during high stage blackouts.
National coverage
Comsol's network reaches over 200 metropolitan areas covering more than 15,000km2 of South Africa's major business districts, and extending further where needed. Plus we are able to bring you coverage or a private network anywhere, even in the most remote regions of SA.
Decades of experience
Comsol has been at the forefront of wireless connectivity since 1997 and has consistently improved its technologies and services to ensure our customers are not only satisfied, but delighted.
Rapid deployment
No more waiting. Our rapid turnaround time means you can be connected faster than ever before, no matter where you are.
Service guaranteed
Our single Service Level Agreement (SLA) offers the assurance of fibre with the agility of wireless in one simple solution, no matter how you connect.
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