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SA's only MEF2.0 compliant wireless national open access Layer 2 network
We've been connecting businesses since 1997.
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The way the world connects has evolved. Long distance fibre rollouts, the advancement of metropolitan fibre networks and thousands of kilometres of undersea cabling have brought fast connectivity to South Africa. Despite this, we still face the challenge of unlocking and accessing this technology, hindering business connectivity and - ultimately - hampering economic growth. Fibre can't get everywhere, right away. Right?

Wrong. Up until now, Comsol has been providing last mile access to fibre and wireless networks across South Africa using wireless technology, connecting the customer and the network. The problem with this model is that each solution is designed specifically for a particular customer or Network Operator / Service Provider, making each solution - on an individual basis - costly and complex.

With this in mind, Comsol has evolved to bridge the gap between fibre and access, enabling efficient and effective partnerships between Service Providers and Enterprise. Offering reliable, carrier grade, dedicated, high speed last mile access solutions to over 200 metropolitan areas and towns in South Africa* - and extending even beyond that - our network is built on an open access platform, meaning that the connection is a purely layer 2, end-to-end, medium and service agnostic solution.

We have built on our world-class last mile solutions using wireless technology to introduce Africa's largest open access Lower Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN). Removing the power and range constraints of traditional networks, this network offers the latest generation in technology to enable IoT in South Africa and beyond.

Providing ubiquitous connectivity for smart sensors and devices, our LPWAN provides the infrastructure to support the connectivity of millions of devices, no matter where they are.

Built with the stability of fibre and the flexibility of licensed wireless last mile access, our network offers South Africa and beyond the means to get connected. Without limits.
A new era
Comsol launches Africa's largest low-power wide-area network (LPWAN)
Comsol National Network
Comsol launches South Africa's first medium agnostic, enterprise grade carrier Layer 2 network, delivering fast, open access, guaranteed connectivity to over 200 South African cities and towns*.
Planning and testing
Advanced planning and testing commences.
Fibre is here
The growth of fibre accelerates the need and makes this vision a reality.
Our vision
The vision of South Africa's first open access, last mile network begins.
TV Whitespaces
Comsol trials TV Whitespaces with Google.
Managed connectivity
Comsol provides managed connectivity solutions, providing customers with customised, dedicated, licensed managed circuits.
WiMax network
Comsol installs first Mobile and Fixed WiMax trials.
The Comsol NOC
Comsol builds its Network Operation Centre to answer customers' need for network monitoring.
African growth
Comsol expands into Africa.
National growth
Comsol expands nationally.
Wireless network
Comsol builds its first multi-link, wireless network.
The journey begins
Comsol is established.
We connect.
South Africa's first medium agnostic, enterprise grade, Layer 2, open access network and Africa's largest Low Power consumption Wide Area Network (LPWAN) connects the continent's people and all devices, making even the simplest of devices smart. A complete end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution, our open architecture LPWAN creates a platform for smart monitoring of sensors (existing or new) across a wide range of industries.

We offer guaranteed, dedicated, high speed carrier grade solutions to over 200 South African metropolitan areas and towns*, creating a business grade foundation for you to connect, anywhere, any time.
We enable.
We enable all major Telcos, Carriers and Service Providers to meet the connectivity needs of South Africa, giving them a superior open access network to deliver quality, reliable services to the market. Our access solutions mean better, faster and more reliable service delivery. And fast too - no waiting for months on end to get connected - now it's about just a matter of days.

Further to this we enable end-to-end IoT solutions for smart businesses. Combining the wide coverage area of cellular networks with low-power radio technology, we provide ubiquitous connectivity for a previously unaddressed market - connecting even the simplest devices to the IoT.
We integrate.
Not all devices were born smart, but integration with Comsol IoT sensing solutions enables them to function as smart devices. Integrating existing infrastructure such as water meters and other devices into the IoT requires no additional power supply, providing a low cost non-invasive solution.
We provide choice.
Our open access network offers South Africa the freedom to choose from a host of previously inaccessible services, from the service provider of their choice, through one of our many Carrier eXchange Points across Africa. Customers now also have the option to choose a reliable, uncontested means to connect to the world. Without Limits.
We provide smart sensing solutions.
Our LPWAN makes sensors and devices smarter. Comsol provides an end-to-end open access solution that is ideal for smart city infrastructure such as water, electricity and manhole cover monitoring, as well as smart agriculture, conservation, tracking and logistics, to name a few. Without Limits.
We provide assured access.
Business continuity is imperative. We understand that. Using only the most reliable technology, our network offers unsurpassed stability and quality of service. Our service is guaranteed, always.
We are a partner.
Our aim is to enable all major Telcos, Carriers and Service Providers to deliver on what business needs, in the best, most reliable and fastest way possible: via our carrier grade, open access network, or via our open protocol LPWAN; with a plethora of exchange points.

That is why we are uniquely positioned as an enabler of services and not a channel competitor.
We are South Africa's premier layer 2 open access solution partner, enabling our channel to answer the demand for high speed, reliable carrier grade access solutions. We understand the need for choice, so we offer the freedom to choose, without compromising on quality and dependability.

Through our Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) we enable businesses to access the full benefits offered by smart devices. Backed by a global alliance and significant investment into the very best infrastructure, we are connecting the African IoT.

Together with our partners, we are committed to enabling limitless connectivity for South Africa and beyond.
We are committed to transformation across all aspects of our business. As such, we are striving for continual transformational progress in order to reflect the demographic representation of South Africa, across race and gender.

We are currently at B-BBEE Level 3, derived from a combination of equity holding, sustainable procurement policies, enterprise development and corporate social investment projects.

If you would like a copy of our BBBEE certificate please contact us. If you would like a copy of our BBBEE certificate please email us with the request us at
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