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SA's only MEF2.0 compliant wireless national open access Layer 2 network
CX Plus Premium
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It's SA's most powerful wireless network for forward-looking organisations looking to unleash the opportunities of 'Industry 4.0' - to scale limitlessly and embrace the latest Cloud, AI, Big Data and Robotics technologies.

With direct access to high-sites via the prized 28GHz spectrum, CX Plus Premium offers network speeds from 10Mbps to 200Mbps, 99% availability, and firm commitments on latency, packet loss and jitter.

It's particularly useful for businesses located slightly further away from SA's metro centres, as the CX Plus Premium network extends far beyond the traditional point-to-multipoint coverage areas.

It's the result of our 21 years at the forefront of connectivity solutions in Africa, drawing on the strengths of our advanced network design and modelling processes, to bring you unrivalled quality of service.

As Comsol is focused on its role as a dedicated Layer 2 infrastructure provider, our channel partners enjoy peace of mind and assurance that we do not offer end-customer services, creating a vibrant ecosystem for our channel and limitless opportunities for all role-players.
  • Features and Benefits
SpectrumLicensed (28GHz)
Link symmetrySymmetric
Packet loss<1%
Installation time2-8 weeks from purchase order
Contract term12, 24 or 36 months
Support24/7 Support and NOC (Network Operations Centre)
TerminationAll network links are terminated back to the closest Teraco